Live Grant Makers Event

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Live Grant Makers at the Dance NRG Event

Glasgow North East YouthBank will be Grant Giving at the next dance event!

The Young Grant Makers will be accepting applications on the night till 7:30pm and decisions on the grant will be announced before home time.

Please complete a YouthBank application before the event and bring it along for the Young Grant Makers to look over, the process will be the same with a informal meeting to discuss the application on the night.

Also available on the night will be access to the Health Fund (information leaflets to be circulated in the next few days).

The Health Fund is a fund of £5,000 from H4U Youth Health, as part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, is working together with youth providers to improve youth health. H4U has made available this Health Fund, managed by YouthBank to support projects that enable young people, to make a positive difference to their health and the health of others in the community.

Within North East Glasgow, the following areas are a priority for improving health;

  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Tackling obesity
  • Improving mental health
  • Reducing alcohol and drug related harm
  • Promoting positive relationships

And applications for the Health Fund should show how they would make a positive impact on these issues.

Please complete the usual YouthBank Application Form to access the Health Fund.

If you need more info please contact Linda @ Youthbank

Live Grant Making

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Glasgow North East YouthBank


Live Grant Making 

At the Halloween Edition 26th October Platform at

The Bridge, Easterhouse


Fill in an application form, bring it along with you on the night and we’ll review it and give you the money straight away …

IF you’re successful!


We will be open for applications between 6:30 till 7.30 on the night!

We have £5,000 To give away, make sure you get your application in beforehand to the YoMo office or bring it along on the night !!!!

St Roch’s Launch

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Young People successfully launched the new third YouthBank committee “YouthBank Roch’s”.

In partnership with St Roch’s secondary school YoMo (Young Mover) has extended the cover of the YouthBank service to cover the North of the North East of Glasgow.

With the support of funding from Glasgow Housing Association and H4U these newly training young grant makers will have a £6,000 grant pot to give out in small grants to youth led activities across the area.

On the night young people delivered an introduction into this new grant giving service in true youth work style of workshops and games.

YouthBank enable young people to build their skills, knowledge and confidence through active citizenship, volunteering and lifelong learning activities. YouthBank grants will allow young people to make a difference by designing and delivering regeneration activities that benefit their community. These grants provide and support services that young people want as young people are invovled in all aspects of the application process.

These young grant makers work hard to develop the grant making process and the planning of the launch this will be recongnised through the Youth Achievement Awards they are working towards.

The next stage for this new YouthBank is the first grant giving night on the 13th June the young grant makers are working on interview, descion making skills and questions.

For more infomation contact linda on 0141 778 7181 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you would like an application you can pick one up at the St Roch’s secondary school or

Young Grant Makers Development Day

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As part of the continued training and support we give to our young people, Development days are run on a regular basis.  Trying to keep them as informal as possible but with the emphasis on getting the job done!

Here is a sample of the type of day our young people have, while paying a key role in improving the services we offer:

Development Day

 Tuesday 24th July 2012

Helenslea Hall


Young grant makers present

David Weir, Daryl Campbell, Kimberly Wallace, Danica Burrows, Danielle McGuiness, Natlie McLachlan, Shannon Stewart, Kayleigh Finnighan, Melissa Cairns, Kimberly Doyle, Annie Kennedy, Hana Hailu, Amina Indrees and Nico Cunningham.


After playing some games and having some fun we got straight to work






First on the agenda was an update on the last grant giving session on 18th July 2012.  It was then discussed that we need to ensure that we stick to the  budget for the year.  We also agreed that we need to be strict about completing all parts of the form and ensuring applications meet with all the cirteria.  It was agreed that we need to change interview recording sheet.  As sound lab were unable to attend Danica, Kimberly and Melissa volunteered to come along to Fuse on Monday and carry out the interview.

From 11am till 12 noon the young people worked with Anne from H4U.  Anne provided information and hand outs on the type of applications they are looking for.  Anne explained scenarios to give everyone an example of the ideal type of applications.   YoMo provided Anne with two recent applications for a zumba class and circuit training to check if these were appropriate applications for the H4U fund and it was advised that these were ideal.

The upcoming residential in October was discussed – where it was revealed that there will be 4-6 available.  Those who need a young grant making qualification should be eager to attend.

Prior to lunch Michelle advised on room allocations and the activities that we would take part in during the residential to the Scottish Borders.  It was agreed that we would go to Moffat on the Sunday for the sheep race and fishing.

Everyone completed a code of cunduct for both trips and handed them back. 


We then sat at the table for a bite to eat.

It Hungery work all this decision making




After lunch we played another game before getting down to work

We discussed an upcoming the trip to M&D’s on and It was agreed that we would meet at Fuse Youth Café at 10.30am ready for the trip to M&D’s. (remember waterproofs).


The young people then got into 3 different groups.

Group 1 worked on a press release for the health fund.

Group 2 looked at new names and a logo.

Group 3 looked at how we are going to manage the budget.

 After the discussions and workshops – the follow actions need to be followed up by the attendees:

Make changes to interview recording sheet e.g. more space to fill in answers. 

  1. When interviewing young people need to more strict about what they are funding and insuring they complete all parts of the application. 
  2. When emails are sent to applicants they must advise that there will be no funding unless all the information is complete on application forms.
  3. Complete press release for H4U fund.
  4. Need to decide who will attend the residential in October and can get the young grant making training. 
  5. A new Logo will be designed


Our next update will keep you informed on how the actions are coming along…….. 

YoMo Youth Achievement Award Night 14th September 2010

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YoMo (Young Movers) Youth Achievement Award Night on the 14th September 2010 certificated 100 young people with SQA recognised awards!

Young award winner.

Young award winner.

Youth led first ever award event for Yomo and partners

This youth led event celebrated the first Youth Achievement Awards event for the YoMo consortium of partners working to use Youth Achievement Awards to acknowledge the good work of young people in the East End of Glasgow.

Participating Parners

FARE, GE YouthBank, GERA, John Wheatley Collage, Innerzone, PEEK, Playbusters and Urban Fox supported these 100 young people to achieve these awards.
Young People took part in many activities from Clean Up programme, Fire Reach, Grant Making, Music Classes, organising youth events to Cultural exchanges to Pakistan/Bangladesh to gain their award.

Award Night audience and award winners

Award night audience and award winners.

Young Peoples comment’s

Young Peoples comment’s on the night showed how much these awards meant to them:

“this award could mean the difference in getting a job or an interview”
Young man Urban Fox

“I really enjoyed it, I now feel more confident and I am proud of myself”
Young woman GE YouthBank

Evaluation forms filled in on the night showed that 90% of young people receiving their award want to progress to the next level.

Presentation during the award night.

Presentation during the award night.

Councillors presenting the awards

Thanks to Councillor George Redmond and George Cherrie of Youth Scotland for presenting the awards on the night.
77 young people from across the East End stayed and celebrated their award by enjoy the party/karaoke.

This event was supported and funded by Soapworks Charity Fund and GHA Awards for All, Scotland.

Glasgow Housing Association

Glasgow Housing Association

Awards for All, Scotland


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