Kieran O'Shea

Halfway through our celebration of Volunteers' Week and we're still just as excited as we were at the start to be sharing the talents of some of our Volunteers here at YOMO!

Today's committed and truly awesome volunteer is 17 year old Kieran! Kieran has helped develop YOMO and been a massive voice in how we empower young people to take the lead. 
Kieran is a massive advocate for his community and encourages other young people to be involved in local youth groups, take on the challenges of building confidence and taking the lead, all by doing it himself!

For Kieran, volunteering is important so that young people understand that they don't need to be older to take the lead in the projects they participate in- hugely inspiring, thank you Kieran! 

"To me, volunteering is growing in confidence and has shown me that young people can take the lead in organisations as much as the workers would." 

To hear more inspiring thoughts from YOMO's Volunteers, stay tuned for our posts for this week and join in the conversation by sharing with us "To me, volunteering is..." using the hashtag #VolunteersWeek

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