How to apply for a grant

Criteria and Priorities for grants

YouthBank funds projects that are developed by local young people. Any host organisation or adult should support the project but not control the project. Adults should  adopt an active empowering approach with young people when they are developing any projects to be funded by YouthBank.


Can you say YES to the following questions? If so then you are eligible to apply for a YouthBank Grant.

  • Is your group made up of a majority of 12 – 25 year olds?
  • Does your project idea benefit the wider community and not just the group that is applying?
  • Do you meet and involve people from the Glasgow North East or North West area?
  • Will your project help young people feel good about themselves and make something happen that they feel strongly about?
  • Is led by and based on the ideas of young people?


We will consider all applications that meet our criteria and will base all judgements on merit, however because of the issues young people face in Glasgow East and West we are keen to encourage young people to develop projects that:

  • Support social entreprenurship 
  • Have an environmental, sustainable and eco friendly ethos. 
  • Shows the development and learning of young people.
  • Is safe entertainment for young people.
  • Include training courses for young people.
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of young people.

Also, YouthBank will fund projects for vulnerable groups, e.g. young carers, young parents, looked after and accomodated young people etc.

 YouthBank will fund: activities, Equipment, trips or visits that are arranged by young people, classes, Eco gardens /projects and any good ideas that young people have for their community.



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